| 06.06.2017

Forces Cars Direct teams up with SSAFA to create viral video

Forces Cars Direct team up with SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity to create a viral video with help from TV star Ant Middleton. 

Ant meet up with follow bootneck L Cpl David Jones, who served in the Royal Marines before being discharged on medical grounds, to discuss life after the Armed Forces. In a special partnership with Forces Cars Direct and SSAFA, the two veterans took a drive around town while openly discussing common issues that ex-service men and women face after leaving the military.

In a car, kindly donated by Forces Cars Direct, the two veterans get up close and personal with the struggles they faced, how SSAFA helped them and how they adapted to civilian life. 

The video has now gone viral and has been picked up by other Armed Forces magazines and social sites

To watch the full video here

Visit Forces Cars Direct on www.forcescarsdirect.com 

Visit SSAFA, the Armed Forces chairty on www.SSAFA.org.uk